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Marc dryer performance characteristics
2012-10-19 by seoer9

    Marc dryer performance characteristics:
1. Pomace dryer drum dryer as the host of the drying system, a simple structure, less fault, low maintenance costs, production capacity can guarantee continuous operation for a long time.
Adaptable, distiller's grain, fertilizer and other scattered poor, and a large range of precipitation materials can also be used for drying fresh pomace.
Rotary drum dryer with continuously variable transmission, the drum rotation speed according to the material moisture regulation, in order to achieve the best drying effect. Drum cast metal processing gear circle drive transmission, the transmission is steady and reliable.
Precipitation magnitude the disposable water containing up to 82% of the fresh fruit residue dried to a moisture content below 13%.
5. Pomace rotatory dryer  uses a unique sealing device, and together with the good effect of the insulation system.
The design and manufacture of components are taken into account to ensure the performance of the mechanical work in the long-term high-temperature state requirements to ensure the realization of the long-term continuous full load condition, the drying operation.
7 the mechanical chain coal-fired hot air furnace as the heat source of the drying system, the adaptability of the coal-fired hot stove coals, the grate is a continuously variable transmission, fully complete combustion of coal, the overall thermal efficiency of the hot stove can more than 90%. Furnace

On coal and slag are mechanized, stable operation, easy to operate.
8 Use the scraper-type feeder, using continuously variable transmission, and be able to easily adjust the feed rate, and to ensure the stability of the feed rate.

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