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Several requirements of the proper use of peanut shelling machine
2013-06-15 by seoer9

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(1) shelling clean, high productivity, shelling machine cleaning device, also called the cleanliness.
(2) loss of low broken rate. ③ simple structure, reliable operation, easy adjustment, power consumption, and a certain degree of versatility, off a variety of crops, in order to improve the utilization of the equipment.
Peanuts (skin effect). Suitable for peanut wet, too dry, high crushing ratio, too wet affect efficiency. The peanut (Leather fruit) rural stored are generally more dry, the appropriate following methods can be used to make it wet and dry.
① Winter shelling, shelling ago, with about 10 kg of warm water sprayed evenly in 50 thousand Belt fruit and covered with plastic film for about 10 hours, and then drying in the sun for about 1 hour to get started shelling the other seasons with plastic film covering the time for about 6 hours, remaining the same.
② can be relatively dry peanuts (skin effect) is immersed in a large pool, dip immediately remove and covered with plastic film one day, and then drying in the sun, to be suitable for wet and dry start shelling.
(3) the voltage requirements and the choice of the workplace. The single-phase motor to work properly, the voltage required to achieve its rated voltage. Rural generally a village only one oil mill, household and dispersed, coupled with wires and circuit not very standard, resulting in far away from the transformer voltage of the user, so the workplace should be selected from the transformer closer.

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