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Maintenance of the dryer drum
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Rotary drum dryer is used for drying materials drying equipment. Reliable operation, operating flexibility, adaptability, ability to handle high in the chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, light industry and other sectors are widely used.
Drum drying machine structure
Rotary drum dryer mainly by the cylinder, the supporting device, the mobile device and the end seals and other components.
a) cylinder
Is a rotary drum dryer cylinder base, both for its internal heat and mass transfer processes, transportation of materials movement underway role.
b) support means
Cylinder device is a rolling ring bearing, roller, gear wheel of three parts. Weight through the entire cylinder rolling ring passed to the roller, and rolling circle rolling on the roller, gear wheel cylinder axial movement of a barrier effect.
c) transmission
Rotary drum dryer transmission device including; motor, reducer, gear, ring gear and other parts.
d) out equipment and sealing devices.
Two axial movement of the repair process adjustments
According drum dryer working principle and structure characteristics and production maintenance experience in rotary drum dryer, rotary drum dryer to ensure long-term safe operation of mechanical equipment, the key is to adjust the roller.
2.1 The purpose of adjusting roller
Maintenance of rotatory dryer linear axis; make the cylinder in the axial direction normal reciprocated thereby remain stationary gear wheel does not turn or for a short little movement of the force, so that each gear wheel, roller uniform to assume the cylinder loads.
Adjustment method
2.1 Inspection
Observation wheel belt and roller is still in its relative position in the middle position; gear wheel force and rotation.
2.2 Adjustment
Cylindrical roller adjustment should be based on the direction of rotation, adjusting roller centerline toward a certain direction while taking skew roller, and the cylinder centerline to form tiny declination (generally not more than 0.5 °, in order to avoid ground profiled roller ) produces spiral upward thrust, channeling it with cylinder power up and down the basic balance, so that in a relatively stable position Simplified run on, which is the tire in the upper and lower gear wheel freely between the reciprocating motion.
Adjusted as follows: When the Simplified moves down, it will tighten the adjusting bolt 2 lap, a loose screw back full circle (note must be tightened with loose back laps laps equal), Simplified stops down; if you turn moves up, then add the liquid lubricating roller, then simplified to stop the move, if you are still on the move, then tighten the bolts a, loose back bolt 2, Simplified stop the move; if you turn down, then should be lubricated roller sleeve wiped on, when necessary, repeat the above method until not traverse so far. Adjustment process, to prevent skewed roller in different directions.
In the adjustment process, in order to make the cylinder on the move, preferably roller surface poured some of the oil, thereby increasing the surface friction; otherwise purports barrel decline, can be poured some of the viscous grease, reducing surface friction . Adjust roller to adjust both 4 roller, and ensure round belt and roller not less than 50% of the contact surface.
3 Use the results
After a roller adjustment, greatly reducing the gear wheel force, thereby increasing trust, gear wheel bearing life, reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. Meanwhile, roller, tire (rolling circle) profiled reduce wear, equipment life is improved. If I plant compound fertilizer drying machine four years of continuous operation without a major overhaul, the effect is very good. But wear and tear is inevitable, requiring constant maintenance, maintain lubrication, and often view Chatuo wheel, gear wheel position and bearing heating, timely adjustment and maintenance, to ensure normal production.
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