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Wood grinder / timber mill
2013-07-03 by seoer9
I. Features
Sawdust machine (wood crusher) is based on the needs of our industrial production, after years of study design and the invention of wood crushing series of special equipment. Reasonable design, compact structure, safe, durable, high production efficiency, by promoting the use to good effect, the entire device with only one motor driven, low noise, simple structure, compact layout, and lower prices, stable, energy small, high yield, good quality wood product, low processing costs.
Two Working Principle
Sawdust rotatory dryer (timber mill) using blade cutting and high-speed airflow impact of the collision crushed dual functions in one, and managed to complete the micro-material sorting processing operations. In the cutting blade grinding process, the rotor speed airflow generated, with the direction of rotation of the cutting blade, the material in the air flow speed, and repeated impact of materials simultaneously subject to double crushing, grinding material accelerated rate.
Three structural principle
Sawdust machine (timber mill) host by the rotor, upper body, lower body consists of three parts. Grinding chamber and multi-stage crushing process, crushing principle device, which is characterized by the impact of work force, high production efficiency, crushing ability. ● wood grinder, wood grinder machine from the host, fan, analyzer, powder collector, dust and other components. Each component of compact structure, reasonable layout, its prominent especially easy to operate, safe to use, sealing, noise.
Four main purposes
Sawdust machine (timber mill) sets slices, crushed as a whole, can chip diameter - 20 cm of twigs and branches, but also for bamboo, grass, corn stalks, sorghum stalk-like materials such as fibrous chips.
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