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sawdust dry state of the dryer and air dry conditions
2012-08-16 by seoer9

For the use of pellets making machine groups, the drying industry in China has expanded to the crowd area gradually expanded into a more prime time, sawdust dryer

is recycled sawdust, wood chips, wood chips, veneer lees, Marc humidity the most effective material handling equipment, professional design process concept,

the practice of drying, drying rate, fast, large handling capacity, significant energy saving effect. You are in sawdust drying machinery used in the crowd?

Or at the edge of the outside? It does not matter, together the dry state of understanding of the process of sawdust drying equipment and materials,

understanding the dryer to be able to better use.
Sawdust sawdust dryer rollers from the feed inlet into the injection tube and the rotary cylinder together, the flow of hot air full contact with the

material boiling in the cylinder, the drying operation, the air-sawdust dryer, the so-called air drying refers to the powder-like wet sawdust, screw conveyor

will be continuously added to the dry tube, in the transport and dispersion of high-speed hot air, sawdust dryer so that the evaporation of water in the wet

material, the powdered or granular dry products process to complete the drying.
Have certain requirements for materials for the moisture dry, air dry material also have some impact.
Air dryer mineral floatability have a certain influence, In addition to containing oxygen, nitrogen and inert gas in the air, there are carbonic acid gas

and water, including the role of oxygen is the initial hydrophobicity of sulfide ore favorable, but if the role is too long will lead to the mineral surface

of the dryer to change back to the hydrophilic, but when the gas adsorption conditions are appropriate, will result in the drying
Machine mineral surface hydrophobicity, even in the case without the flotation agent can be flotation (such as dry coal). Galena and only after the initial

role of oxygen in order to a floating role. Dryer mineral crushing, exposing fresh surface water hydration occurs, this performance is hydrophilic. But when

the gas adsorption to mineral surfaces, we can weaken the role of hydration caused by the initial hydrophobicity of the new surface. Gas and mineral surface

effect is selective, in which a larger impact on the mineral surface is oxygen. But it was clear: air flotation project, is caused by a large number of fine

bubbles to carry to be floating materials floating. These air dryer dry materials have a certain impact.


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