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The market potential of the liquid filling machine
2012-11-16 by seoer9

The development trend of liquid filling machinefilling machine packaging machine in a small class products from the angle of packaging materials can be divided into liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine, particle filling machine ; in terms of the degree of automation of production divided into semi

filling machines and automatic filling production line is sometimes also called the fully automatic balers or semi-automatic balers. Filling Classification by packaging category has three main categories: the selection of bags, hoses and bottles, filling machine packaging closely relationship.
With the rapid development of the domestic economy, the economic level significantly increased, liquor, beverages, oils, liquid packaging industry demand greatly increased. Experts point out that of liquid beverage, wine industry is a high growth industry, matured drink

The stable product growth, new hot spots and increase sound and great market share in the industry. Therefore, liquid filling machine market development has great potential. In addition, and our country is the processing large country in the world quite high.
Of liquid filling confidential meet the rapid development of the needs of the packaging industry, and actively participate in international competition, it is necessary to break the "small and scattered" backward R & D efforts "of the industry trend to continue moving forward in the direction of the" sophisticated ". Insiders considered

For future liquid filling machine with industrial automation trend diversified technology development toward the mechanical function, and structural design of standardized, modular, intelligent control, direction liquid structure precision. Therefore filling machine development

Modern processing of food, medicine and high-volume production to provide the necessary guarantees. Which once again proved a huge market potential for the development of liquid filling machine.

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