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Green manufacturing to build liquid filling machine industry trends
2013-01-07 by seoer9

Green symbolizes life, cherish life, environmental protection. "Green" in green manufacturing technology development, "second five" special planning to

establish a resource-saving society development ideas to promote the upgrading of industrial structure, accelerating China's economic

Green transition, important equipment in the open green of the low-carbon environmentally friendly liquid filling machine and filling machines behavior,

food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and many other industries.
Efficient use of by the country's call our new environmentally friendly materials, liquid filling machine industry a top priority in the development of green

innovation. At present, China is still in the resource trends in green across the period, or to the high input, high consumption, high pollution

, Low-level, low-benefit model of economic growth close-up still dominant status, limited resources is difficult to support the extensive mode of growth of

traditional industries. The Green Manufacturing Therefore explore the future of the liquid dispensing machines and packaging machinery development path of

industrialization in China

The important task.
What is a green manufacturing Green manufacturing is the premise of ensure that the liquid filling machine, vacuum packaging machine packaging machinery

product features, quality and cost, considering the environmental impact and resource efficiency of modern manufacturing mode, so as to achieve the

enterprise by

Optimize the coordination of economic and social benefits. Green manufacturing related to the development and transformation of the survival of packaging

machinery, food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, liquid filling machine ushered in green technology development opportunities.
Re-building green manufacturing liquid filling machinery, packaging machinery, food industry and other major industrial development model, with the concept

of low-carbon environmental protection molded into modern trends, to build to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, energy-saving resources

Reduce emissions, the development of recycling economy, the most secure quality liquid filling machines and packaging machinery and equipment.

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