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sawdust dryer works
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Sawdust dryer
Sawdust dryer: including hot stove, feed mouth, rotating cylinder, filter cartridges, material handling pipes, cooling tube and the discharge port, rotating cylinder located in the active roller
On the driving roller is rotated by the motor and reduction gear cylinder low-speed rotation, the heat furnaces and the rotary cylinder is provided between the feed inlet, the rotating cylinder has a fry blade provided in the rotating cylinder with the filter connected to the tube 4 at block plate, baffle opening a hole, one end of the filter sleeve and is connected to the rotary cylinder, the other end of the conveying duct is connected to the filter cylinder with the stopper, the bottom of the filter sleeve has a slag hole, one end of the cooling cylinder by a blower conveying duct connected to the other end of the spout is connected.
Since the above structure, the sawdust in the rotation cylinder sufficiently dried, and sawdust again fully disperse before into the conveying duct, so that the water evaporates fast, the stopper can be a sawdust impurities blocked into the conveying duct in the sawdust quality. Wood chips intosawdust dryer blowing tube together with the rotating cylinder, the material in the barrel boiling flow, hot air, and the material is fully touch to finish drying.

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