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The domestic filling machine Enterprises rose to the challenge
2013-01-09 by seoer9

The face of various difficulties, the our filling machine companies and did not flinch, domestic enterprises rose to the challenge of filling machine that created the situation of our filling machines brilliant. Our filling function of the spirit of today's achievements, and the hard work of our people is divided

Not open, it is precisely because of the development of this unique spirit, is filling machines in China has made a development miracle, let the world filling machine development of China issued a surprised expression.

Own equipment not only domestic sales, and fight for a place in foreign markets, and led the the domestic filling machine manufacturers to the international, foreigners and foreign manufacturers see the Chinese people's strong and brave and extraordinary, to see China filling machine

The efforts made by the manufacturers, the changes and achievements. Automatic filling and sealing machine, stirred concentrated sauce electric filling machines, vacuum liquid filling machine, linear filling machine, automatic filling machine, manual filling machine, double headliquid filling machine , double head liquid filling installed, the pump

Filling machine, paste filling machine, liquid filling machine.
Filling machine manufacturers and Check - but to bite the bullet constantly learn from someone else's new technology and new knowledge, constantly hard specializes, step by step innovation, research and development, design, production, and quality of the equipment and merit

Capable of continuous improvement, which makes the filling machines in China With the rapid development.

These years, the rapid development of industry, virtually, If you do not pay attention to the problem of environmental pollution is more serious drop of acid rain in some places, a few years ago, this is the performance of serious environmental pollution, China proposed to protect the environment hold

Continued development strategy at the same time, many companies are carrying out reform, to change the direction of their own development in a timely manner, and place more emphasis on environmental protection, emerging on the market basically filling production line to increase the green concept, domestic environmental career tribute

Offering its own forces.


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