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Specific description spiral oil press
2013-03-17 by seoer9
The screw press is mainly used for screw oil press processing of individual home. This product belongs to the hydraulic automatic press a little yield, but easy. The main products are screw press. Cold pressed screw press, the price is relatively low, but the oil rate is not high. Automatic screw press is flourishing, it is ten years ago a technology introduced in South Korea, by vacuum filtration, automatic temperature control function. Out of the product oil quality. Flavor and high oil yield. Mainly rural areas to do the processing. Or processed on-site use in an urban area, so it seems to produce more transparent, and give customers more confidence. Business to carry out a lot of benefits. A lot of areas are operating according to this model, the profits are quite substantial.
    Almost all oil crops can be accessed through the small cold oil press to squeeze. Including peanut, soybean, sunflower, rapeseed, walnut, cottonseed, and so on.
   Peanut oil and sesame oil, because the price is more expensive. Fraud and leaching oil market often detrimental to the health, so the on-site processing operated to meet the needs of great importance to genuine users. Is now the main use of the urban areas.
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