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The principle of screw oil press
2013-03-17 by seoer9
Screw press operation, after processing the good oil from the hopper into the virgin bore. Continued to be pressed forward, the by virgin helix turn the material embryo. Parison screw oil pressof virgin bore in the state of motion, under the virgin bore high-pressure conditions, between the parison and squeezed Lo parison and virgin bore a lot of frictional resistance, thus parison between the micro-feed can produce friction, causing the relative movement. Other hand, since the virgin spiro root Park diameter is gradually thickening, the pitch is reduced gradually, thus When virgin spiro rotated threaded straining parison that is able to move forward, but also outwardly overturned, while close to the virgin spiro threaded the surface of the material layer further With squeezed shaft rotation. Such virgin bores within each of the parison microparticles are not constant velocity the same direction of movement, but there is relative movement between particles. Satisfy the necessary heat in the oil extraction process operating on the heat generated by friction, help promote the parison protein thermal denaturation, destruction of the colloid, increase the plasticity, while also reducing some easily precipitated oil viscosity, and thus improve the oil yield of the integrated oil press, the compound of the oil squeezed out of the gap and bar row gap outflow row from the park.
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