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hydraulic station works
2012-07-08 by seoer9

The hydraulic station, also known as pump stations, hydraulic device drive (host) requirements of the oil, and control the direction of oil flow, pressure and flow, applicable to the host and orange juicing machine devices detachable hydraulic machinery .
User after purchase as long as the implementing agencies (the fuel tank and motor oil) on the hydraulic station and the host tubing connected to the hydraulic machinery to the action of the various provisions, the duty cycle.
Motor driven pump rotary pump from the tank after oil absorption Dayou, the mechanical energy is converted to the pressure of the hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil through the manifold block (or valve combination) is the hydraulic valve to achieve the direction, pressure, flow regulation and external pipeline transmission hydraulic paste filling machine, fuel tanks or motor oil, to control the direction of the transformation of liquid motivation, the power of the size and speed of promoting a variety of hydraulic mechanical work.

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