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automatic packaging machine control system design
2012-07-13 by seoer9


In the packaging industry, the vast majority of the packaging machine adopts PLC to achieve control of cross-sealed motor, the program uses the analog speed to follow the movement of the spindle, use this product consistency control system packaging is not particularly desirable, but more importantly Packaging speed is difficult to more than 200 bags / min Packing speed, it does not meet the urgent requirements of the enterprises to improve efficiency. To this end, we designed based on the MPC05 motion controller control system of a packaging machine, the system has two important features of high-quality packaging products and packaging efficiency, and also has a color tracking.

Second, the principle

Figure a shows the schematic of a packaging peanut sheller. The longitudinal sealing roller that is, the spindle motor driven by the asynchronous motor, 9 heat sealing roller 10 cold seal roller cutter 12 from the axis motor driven by a servo motor. From the shaft of the motor to follow the spindle to follow the movement. Its working principle is the MPC05 motion controller receives the spindle encoder signal, according to the number of spindle encoder pulse servo motor to follow the spindle drive in accordance with the law of motion follow the movement of the servo motor driven by heat sealing roller chain drive at the same time, cold seal roller cutter movement.



Heat sealing roller tube axis to 1:4 deceleration than is equipped with an encoder for the closed-loop control. The value of the encoder and the servo motor is theoretically should go the distance, PID control, do the whole closed-loop position from the axis servo motor to follow the spindle motor to follow.

Third, the controller design

The control system controller FPGA + DSP program, the structure diagram of Figure 2 shows the controller, the flash used to store the DSP program, the extra space can be used to store the configuration program or the processing procedures and system process parameters and field data. NAND FLASH large-scale on-board storage for storing configuration data, processing data. The controller is the core of the DSP and FPGA, DSP CPU functions, FPGA implementation of control functions and IO functions.

The controller is processing files can be downloaded via the RS232 or through U disk copy, to receive the spindle encoder feedback signal from the shaft encoder feedback signal, the output pulse direction signals, then the servo motor drives, I / O port access stop signal or start signal. Two serial ports, serial port A for the PC interface, data transfer protocol communication with Panasonic servo. The serial B interface for man-powder packing machine interface, using standard Modbus protocol communications.

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