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Stone flour machine how to identify with the modern steel mill
2012-10-24 by seoer9

From process design, stone flour scientific hook groove stone millstone grinding, low-speed, low-temperature state, the corresponding flour production is relatively low. The flour machine speed of 20 revolutions / min, temperature 45 degrees, and both leather heart system

The powder technology greatly reduced the wheat grinding in the number of times to fully retain the flavor of wheat germ, protein, carotene, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, dietary fiber and other nutrients, it does not need any added

Agent, be guaranteed the quality of the flour; modern steel hammer mill  flour using centrifugal casting steel mill roller lapping grinding, leather orderly arrangement of steel tooth roller Rolled high pressure to take a large number of powder mill, and the mill high operating speed, high temperature, the speed of

500 to 800 r / min, the temperature at 120 degrees Celsius, due to the overly strong steel roll mill, grinding temperature is too high, resulting in loss of protein and other nutrients in the flour the larger wheat germ in the natural flavor lost more starch chain is loss , the most prominent is the dough

Lower settling time, forcing the manufacturers were forced to join the various additives.
Second, from the color, stone flour contains carotene and dietary fiber, stone flour was naturally white, slightly yellowish. Modern steel mill flour due to the adoption of high-speed and high-pressure mass take a powder, the grinding process too

Strong, significant loss of various nutrients in the flour, flour, starch chain molecular structure damage, reduce the settling time of the dough is difficult and rope, it must be added to the stabilizer. Combined as white as possible in order to cater to people eating noodles error eating habits

Inertia, added brighteners, gluten agent (benzoyl peroxide and potassium bromate industrial chemical raw materials) and other additives. Flour is very white.
Third, in terms of taste and smell, grinding stone flour in the low-speed, low-temperature state from grinding mill  passes a few gluten, wheat germ in flavor (Big Mac Digest) and other preserved. With stone flour and noodles, draft and

Surface and good dough after a short time, regardless of pull, pull, twist, the noodles can remain flexible and constantly cooked noodles or face piece, taste pliable and chewiness. Variety of pasta made with stone flour, wheat flavor is very strong, good taste, nutty. Other surface

Powder additives, brighteners, flour carotene damage appears to be too white, flour and noodles, draft less dough color did not change, such as those containing the Strong Gluten agents (potassium bromate) excessive surface is difficult to rolling open . Prepares the surface, look nice

Eat up chewiness, but there is no wheat flavor. As the stone processing flour, high energy consumption, low efficiency, has gradually by the vast majority of mills discarded without; However, the flour industry, there has been a new phenomenon disappeared decades machined surface with stone

Powder process, and this flour machining time and effort, but a good market price than ordinary flour your Why is this? The original traditional stone processing out of flour, in the process millstone low speed, temperature

Low, destruction, retention of nutrients of wheat wheat Wheat, and because of the special nature of the process, a very small amount of crude fiber-rich bran is retained in the finished flour, often lavish meals modern very benefits; another stone processing the surface

Powder without any additives, and in today's increasingly severe food security situation of consumers is particularly important stone processed flour, not only retains the characteristics of the stone, but also deal with some modern wheat, flour machine flour processing phase bear

Together, strict compliance with the relevant provisions of national food security, the food market access qualifications