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Paste filling machine operation and routine maintenance
2012-10-19 by seoer9

   Pastefilling machines in the beverage industry, food industry, cosmetics industry and pharmaceutical industry has a wide range of applications, following us to understand the equipment under operating skills and maintenance tips.

    1. Filling measurement instability found in the production of which should be checked in time feed check valve may stray objects cause Mifengbuyan, and affect the amount of filling.

    2. Cylinder lower leakage occurs material, should stop the production, check the piston seal wear, if it is determined to be timely and better seals.

    Paste liquid filling machine , automatic filling can also manually filling If it is the height of the machine, which can be used when manual operation, just use the bottle to push the touch tongue began to suction (Do not pay attention to filling withstood Touch tongue); If using self

Dynamic setting, the discharge port must first put the bottle, the transfer switch is a pull soon as the automatic filling to remember and timely better bottle.