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Adjustment and maintenance of the cement slurry mixer
2012-11-06 by seoer9

Adjustment: the machine factory stirring the gap between the leaf and stir the pot has been adjusted to a range of 2 ± 1mm.
Stirring blade and a stirring pot working gap adjustment, loosen the adjusting nut (15) rotating the stirring leaf so moves up and down, then the detection

lever detect the correct gap, and then tighten the adjusting nut (15). Or loosen the motor column (21), gear box (10) law

Lan motor (1) connection screws correctly and then tighten the screws.
2, Maintenance:
(1) Keep work area clean, stirring leaves and stir the pot, off excess mortar should be thoroughly cleared after each use and cleaning mortar and dirty

objects scattered and splash on the machine, wipe dry, put on guard prevent dust.
(2) This machine is no external filling machines  hole. Gear box Worm pay, the gear paid and bearings and other moving parts on a quarterly basis plus molybdenum

disulfide grease, fuel can be open between the bearing cap, bearing column guide, often drip oilpress  between the lifting mechanism

Lubrication, maintenance once a year, all the cleaning and filling oil and grease.