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What should be noted using automatic drainage
2012-11-06 by seoer9

In the cold and dry the automatic drainage can be said to be most vulnerable to the failure of a component. Is cold and dry discharged condensate is not

clean water, but mixed with a solid contaminants (dust, rust, mud, etc.), thick liquid (oil patches and automatic drainage

Called "sewage"), it is easily blocked drainage holes. To this end, the automatic drainage inlet is equipped with a filter. But the use of a long time, the

filter will oilpress  impurities clogged, if it is not cleaned, to automatic drainage will lose role. So

The drainage cleaning filter press , at certain time intervals is very important.

In addition, automatic drainage to have a certain pressure to work, for example, used the AD-402 type automatic drainage minimum working pressure is O.15MPa

pressure is too low leakage phenomenon. But the pressure can not exceed the rated value to prevent water storage cup

Burst. Exhausted when the ambient temperature is below zero condensate storage cup, prevent freezing Donglie.