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Grinder grinding plane pay attention to several points
2013-05-06 by seoer9
The pellet making machine grinding machine grinding the workpiece after completion of ships will be perpendicular to the axis of the workpiece surface with an inner diameter of the state, is very similar to its basic procedures and polishing convex shoulder. 1, the fine grinding the inner hole of the mirror-polishingmachine, the mandrel and the grinding wheel during the installation, the need to select and install the short and rigid mandrel, select and install the grinding wheel had a gap having a diameter greater than the width of the polishing surface, BUSINESS fixed screw head is under the grinding wheel surface. 2, finishing wheel, shaping a slight angle on the grinding wheel comprehensive. 3, the grinding surface of the workpiece. In the the start grinding machine wood grinding machine manufacturers head in the hand to move the grinding wheel and the workpiece surface to be milled into a vertical state and just leaving the surface. Slowly move the grinding machine table until the grinding wheel gently come into contact with the surface of the workpiece. Wear safety glasses is appropriate to note in this whole process. 4, with his left hand when the brakes fixed and mobile grinding machine grinding wheel, oil hand tapping the handle so that the workpiece to advance to the grinding wheel. It needs to be noted that require a small amount of movement, requires extremely careful grinding, because if the grinding is too heavy, the mandrel jerkiness, so that the grinding wheel is not sparking. The workpiece to leave the grinding wheel and a visual inspection of the surface is to completely grind. When necessary, on the need for dressing of the grinding wheel surface. When necessary in the grinding surface of the workpiece know satisfaction. Workpiece leave the wheel, stop grinding head. 5, the surface of the workpiece inspection organization and surface roughness, the processing of the sharp corners of the workpiece from the workpiece, the workpiece lowered.