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Productivity impact grinding and polishing accuracy factors
2013-05-08 by seoer9
Very complex factors impact productivity and precision grinding grinding together, generally have the following main aspects: (1) Surface Particle grinding machine accuracy of the movement; (2) abrasive nature, type, particle size, and the like; (3) performance of the abrasive tool material # hardness, wear resistance, mechanical properties, etc. and manufacturing quality; (4) The workpiece material properties, type of material, hardness, etc.; (5) the amount of grinding, grinding speed and the polishing pressure; (6) plane grinding machine before the procedure pre-machining precision accuracy and surface quality; (7) uniformity of the polishing margin; (8) the nature of the slurry types of consumption-cleaning; (9) operation skills of the workers; (10) the cleanliness of the place of work, temperature, and so on.