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The introduction of the filter press filter cloth mesh
2012-10-20 by seoer9

    With the further acceleration of the industrialization of the production process, we are now getting closer to the filter press and other generic equipment, we now introduce Van filter filter cloth mesh.
As we all know, the filter press needs the normal work of a variety of filter cloth to his assistant, and the filter cloth choose directly related to the quality of the filter press run of work, a direct impact on the effect of separation filter press, filter cloth filter press equipment

Separation and isolation of the solid mixture of main interceptor. Like fine sift sand, sand, whether through a fine sieve, you have to look at the fine sieve aperture size, only smaller than the pore size of sand can pass through a fine sieve. Filter press filter cloth have the same

The kind of data, that is, the filter cloth mesh.
The filter cloth mesh number indicates the density of the filter cloth pore size, and the "mesh" is a view showing the number of holes per square inch (1 square inch = 2.54 square centimeters) on the filter cloth, such as a square mesh filter cloth 10 the inches necessary 10 holes, the equivalent of a hole size of

1651μm (1cm = 1000μm). The main choice of the mesh of the oil press of filter cloth, not larger mesh number, the better, because the larger mesh number, the smaller the pore size, the filtration efficiency will be reduced, filtration speed decreases.


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