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Vacuum belt drying machine works
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    Vacuum belt drying machine is a continuous feed, straight out of the material in the form of contact with the vacuum drying equipment, to be the dry solid to liquid filling machine directly into the conveying mechanism in a high vacuum inside the dryer, paving dryer drying belt

Rubber roller driven by a motor specially driven drying belt to the set speed along the direction of movement of the dryer cylinder, each drying belt below are equipped with three independent heating plate and a cooling plate, the drying band and the heating plate, cooling plate fit closely to

Contact with the heat transfer will be required for drying energy transfer to the material.

When the drying belt when moving from one end of the cylinder to the other end, the material has been dried and after cooling, drying belt folded cake after drying from the dried tape peeling, crumbling pulverized guillotine off by a vertical movement means, apparatus, pulverizing

Material after the material through two airlocks out hopper. Because the material directly into the high degree of vacuum gradually dried after a period of time (typically 30-60 minutes), obtained after drying of the particles have a certain degree of crystallization effects, from microscopic structure at the same time

Look inside the micropores.

Directly pulverized to a desired particle size, good fluidity of the particles can be directly tableting or filling machines  the capsules, the same time as the particles have a micro porous structure, instant excellent. And the appearance of the particles, for instant products (granules)

To greatly enhance product quality.

Vacuum belt drying machine at both ends of the fuselage continuous feed, continuous discharge, the ingredients and the material part can be set in the clean room, the entire drying process is completely closed, and not in contact with the external environment, in line with the requirements of GMP.

Adapt to a wide range of vacuum belt drying machine, for the vast majority of natural product extracts, can be applied. Especially for highly viscous, easily agglomerated, a thermoplastic, heat-sensitive materials, unsuitable, or can not use spray drying, belt

Vacuum dryer is the best choice. Moreover, you can direct the concentrated extract fed to the belt dryer drying is no need to add any accessories, so the final product can reduce the amount of medication, and improve product quality. Product in the entire drying process, in

Vacuum closed environment, the a mild drying process (product temperature of 40-60 ° C), can maximize the natural extract products, maintaining its color, smell, taste, and quality of the final product. Vacuum belt dryer can complete CIP reign

Cleaning, batch to batch, between the product and the product can be very easily CIP Clean In Place replacement products is very convenient, greatly reduce labor intensity, but also to ensure the quality of the product.


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