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Maintenance of vacuum packaging machine vacuum pump
2012-11-12 by seoer9

The analysis shows that the structure of the vacuum pellet packing machine in the packaging industry, all packaging machinery such as balers, shrinking machine

has its own focus. Vacuum packing machine maintenance and upkeep of the core is the vacuum pump. Then the following maintenance on its core vacuum pump

Do the following analysis:
Weekly check the oil level and the color of the oil, if the oil level is below the "MIN" mark, refueling; let go of some of the oil if the oil level exceeds

the "MAX" mark, or excessive condensate and diluted vacuum pump oil, which need to replace all the vacuum

Pump oil, if necessary, replace the gas ballast valve.

Vacuum pump oil must be bright, clear, and can not have a little foamy or cloudy, milky substance can not disappear foreign material from entering, must be

replaced with new oil after the oil still precipitate.

Once a month to check the air intake filters and exhaust filters.

Semiannual cleaning vacuum pump cavity dust, dirt, and clean the fan hood, fan wheel, air grilles, cooling fins (cleaning with compressed air).

Once a year to replace the exhaust filter, clean or replace the air intake filter (cleaning with compressed air).

500-2000 hours to replace the vacuum pump oil and oil filter.

These are general maintenance, should pay attention to the right to care and maintenance for all food vacuum powder packing machine .


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