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Companies need to grasp the simple filling machine maintenance skills
2013-01-08 by seoer9

Backing down the mountain, by everyone would run, or on their own most reliable. Enterprises to buy edible oil filling machine, in the use of the process in the future, will certainly encounter this kind of problems, this is a normal situation, no matter how good the filling machine

Over time the problems will never have a problemfilling machines does not exist in the world. If there is some simple questions, enterprises still want to go to repair, it will not only delay the production time and reduce production efficiency


The packaging process packaging materials pulled off failure may be the packaging material joints, breaking marks too large flash; poor contact line failure or line feed motor; feed close to the switch is damaged. Packaging material was removed by unqualified

Material; Check the paper feed motor line; replace the proximity switch several ways to troubleshoot.
2, after capping machine packaging bag sealing is not tight, the cause of the malfunction: uneven packaging materials lining, you can go out substandard packaging materials; sealing pressure is uneven, adjust the sealing pressure; sealing temperature is low , to improve the heat sealing temperature.
3, the position of the cut bags incorrect, deviated from the established color location is too large may photoelectric switch (electric eye) position is incorrect, you can re-adjust the photoelectric switch (electric eye) position.
4, no the bag length color tracking error is too large, fault causes and solutions: bag length setting is inappropriate, increase the setting of bag length, the actual bag length is equal to or slightly larger than the standard length of the color patches ; polished wheel pattern caused friction reduction

Small, replace the tires; roller pressure, increase the roller pressure.
5, heat sealing body does not heat up the body temperature of the heat-sealer out of control, may be damage to the heating pipe, heating pipe must be promptly replaced; line fault on the line to be checked; fuse off, replace it with a new fuse; temperature regulator damage , replace temperature accommodometer;

TC break, replace the thermocouple.
Companies need to master the the the simple stud liquid filling machine maintenance skills, This is to improve production efficiency, and can also be cost savings for the enterprise, is achieved through practice. Value share of annual demand is unchanged from the meat, dairy, confectionery packaging machinery

Food, tended to decrease the proportion of the value of total industrial demand. Other industries mainly by household cleaning products and cosmetics, tobacco products, pharmaceutical products, general merchandise products industries. Other industry annual demand for packaging machinery cent of the total annual demand value

About 1/3.

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