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What factors affect wood peeling machine peeling efficiency
2013-03-28 by seoer9

Factors affecting wood peeling machine skinning efficiency, three main
The power of a wood peeling machine
Wood humidity: general recommend drying the timber felled under a few days and then peeled achieve the best results, another season also affect the timber of peeled rate the general summer peeled rate in 95% In winter, at 80%.
3. Curvature of the wood: wood peeler machine is a unique force, with peeling rotor teeth the wooden segment in the material Cao within the cycle of movement, so that the wood segment with teeth, wood segment with wood segment, stop between the wood segment positions slot

Friction, impact, extrusion, bark quickly separated, to achieve high-peeling effect should not be too large, so the degree of curvature of the timber, to prevent the timber can not be in contact with the teeth and can not be separated, generally allows a maximum bending degrees at 8% .
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