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What wood peeling machine works
2013-03-28 by seoer9

Wood peeling machine (wood peeling machine) the timber appearance bark stripped dedicated machinery, mainly for the pulp and paper mills as raw material and wood-based panel factory, plywood factory.
Near the drive end of the upper part of the logs from the wood peeling machine rack into the peeling machine peeling positions, set up a warehouse at the end diameter of 630 long 11385 stripping roller and one side of a tooth plate, roller surface welding arranged by a certain 336 block teeth. In the motor and

Drive transmission components, tooth roller wood peeler machine to rotate in a certain direction, peeled some bark directly, while rotating peeling roller dial stir into positions within the timber, stack the logs up and down about tumbling, tumbling process in

Between each other on the wooden touch, hit, the rubbing force under the bark of the wood surface gradually stripped falls and falls into the belt conveyor roller and tooth plate out.

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