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Analysis of the existing problems of multi-column packing machine industry
2012-10-25 by seoer9

    ◆ existing multi-column packing machine industry

    Since 1990, the Packaging Machinery has become one of the top ten industries in China's machinery manufacturing industry. Packaging machinery output value in 2001, China has become the packaging machinery production and consumption country accounts for about 9% of the total industrial output value of the packaging. However, China's packaging machinery exports less than 5% of the total output value of the charter.

    Multi-column packing machinery industry in China has been low-level redundant and more disorderly competition, there is no fundamental change. China's packaging machinery in addition to the corrugated box machinery, small packaging machinery has certain advantages, not the other into the system and scale.liquid filling machine production line equipment for beverage containers, aseptic packaging production line, cigarette production line almost monopolized by several large foreign companies.

    Existing packaging machinery is not high tech, remote site monitoring, servo technology, automatic flexible compensation, laser technology, digital information technology applications much. Introduction of the foreign packaging machinery, less the introduction of advanced technology, the lack of organized awareness digestion. Research and development costs of Chinese enterprises only accounted for less than 1% of sales, no long-term technical reserves, less autonomy advanced technology.

    ◆ multi-column packing machine development ideas

    Looking at the developments in the international packaging industry, to promote the packaging industry technology development of the main moving due to have changes in the economic situation, changes in the population structure, market difference between sex, consumption and market security considerations, packaging materials and container products, the development, advances in packaging machinery and equipment, digitization technology , electronic combination technologies.

    Users want most packaging machinery performance in the future can be summarized as follows: flexibility and combination; operating high-speed; less labor time (including maintenance, modification); a high degree of automation; reliability; small footprint; conserve resources.

    To this end, China's packaging machinery companies must pay attention to the use of a variety of advanced technology, mechanical, electronic, gas-liquid, biological, optical, magnetic and other efforts to develop applications in the packaging. Focus on the efficiency of resource use, conserve resources, high-performance efforts and eliminate a number of high consumption and low efficiency. As modern manufacturing industries of information technology, we must accelerate the transformation.

    Developed product technology should refinement, not to pursuing big and overall, should corporate learning to the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan and other countries, although the company is small, but very specialized. Under the guidance of national policy, the restructuring of the adjustment of product structure, to implement serialization specialized production.

    ◆ variety of packaging machinery market demand

    Form / fill / seal flexible packaging machine (for liquid, powder, granules), large beer beverage filling line (annual output of 100,000 tons, including packing, unloading boxes, sterilization, labeling, cleaning, and other auxiliary equipment), automatic weighing weight, check weighing, remove foreign objects filling machines , all kinds of paper, plastic material goods the wrapping and auxiliary machinery, small large automatic continuous strapping machinery (fruits, vegetables, and industrial products and raw materials), fully enclosed integrated aseptic packaging systems, vacuum and adjust the controlled atmosphere packaging machine (large, medium, small bags, high-speed), 2000mm wide high speed automatic corrugated board production line, heavy-duty multi-layer corrugated board production line, a fine corrugated board production line, environmental protection and energy-saving packaging materials and products processing machinery, traditional Chinese medicines and modern processing and packaging equipment, food and edible oil processing and packaging equipment (an annual growth rate of 20% to 30%).