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Ice cream filling machine work principle and application characteristics
2012-11-02 by seoer9

A, ice cream filling machine overview of Most of the machine parts with high quality stainless steel, the host adopt totally closed compressor, ZhiLengShi mixing cylinder, with saving energy and reducing consumption, and refrigerating capacity of the characteristics of big, digital module automatic control, the first cylinder time short, discharge rapidly, have ice cream bulking Device and discharge counting function. Is used for making frozen dessert, ice cream and a specially designed automation equipment, in accordance with the purpose to points ice cream machine can be divided into the production of large-scale use freezing machine and catering industry use commercial ice cream machine, eat Drinking places use commercial ice cream canning machine.

 Second, the ice creamfilling machines work principle Host adopt totally closed compressor, mixing cylinder using sandwich cold media \"S\" type flow directly refrigeration design, with low energy consumption, refrigerating capacity big advantages and start cooling time is more short, the first discharge quickly. Mixing cylinder unique arc Angle cleaning. More make With the high quality stainless steel material. Appearance concise and easy. Ice cream machine use electronic numerical control module, automatic control and discharge counting function. Can adjust the hardness of ice cream.

Three, ice creampaste filling machine application Hard ice cream can through the refrigerator refrigerating system. But the effect and efficiency are far beneath use hard ice cream machine production of ice cream. Because the hard ice cream for frozen, both in the ice cream machine production good soft state of ice cream into - 20 degrees below the cold Frozen cabinet, quick-frozen purpose is to prevent the water ice cream in the freezing process icy particles. Keep the ice cream quality of a material is exquisite. So if you want to make the Italian ice cream. Need to have a refrigeration temperature in - 18 to 23 degrees - the hard ice cream to reveal ark.

Four, the characteristics of ice cream filling machine

The machine use after a long time, mixing system drive belt may be stretched, need to adjust, appear phenomenon is belt sliding, machine later suddenly stop, soft ice cream tank installed digital tube display NL will \", at the same time buzzer A long time rule intermittent sound, at this time to switch off the power, remove the machine the left panel, using a wrench adjustment fixed in the motor the screw meet this situation is not machine malfunction, adjust the belt before must stop without electricity, belt adjust elasticity appropriate After the machine back to normal.