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granulator equipment maintenance Maintenance With the rapid
2012-11-03 by seoer9

development of modern society, granulating machine has been widely applied to people's daily lives, but we can not just granulator, have to learn to care and

maintenance granulator. Let's look together granulator what maintenance. Granulator equipment maintenance requirements are mainly four: 1. Cleaning:

equipment inside and outside the whole mining machinery clean the sliding surface, screw, rack, gear box, hole etc. no oil, various parts oil spill does not

leak equipment around to chips, debris, dirt, mechanical engineers cleaned; neatly: tools, accessories, workpiece to be placed neatly, pipes, lines must be

reasonable; 3. oiled: time and fuel or oil change equipment, continuous oil, the guiltless Mount phenomenon, normal oil press , oil standard bright Smooth

asphalt, oil quality to meet the requirements of Tianjin Machinery, oilpress  gun, oil cups, linoleum cleaning; 4. safety: compliance with safety procedures, do

not overload equipment safe Liugong Machinery guards complete, reliable, timely elimination of insecurity.