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Automated packaging machinery industry development status
2012-11-05 by seoer9

  Currently, most of China's pellet packing machine mainly in stand-alone control, the application of PLC and IPC, DCS and Fieldbus technology is less than the total number of devices 10%. The food and packaging production line gear mechanical transmission, control technology and drive technology integrated

The low level of application, the system can not achieve the optimal design. Not fully production enterprise technical level is not high, sensing and detection technologies, positioning control, online monitoring applications, there is a big gap with foreign advanced control technology.

    The gap between food and powder packing machine , high medium and low level of automation. High profile food and packaging machinery automation product sales averaged about 8% to 12%, the universal application of PLC, inverter, a joint venture low-voltage electrical products, part of the application of human-machine

Interface. Low-grade food and packaging machinery, automation products average about 3% to 5% of the sales, most of the application relay control, application inverter, domestic low-voltage electrical products, rarely applied to the man-machine interface.