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Advantages, construction and use of the wood crusher equipment
2013-06-20 by seoer9
wood shaving machine advantages:
A high processing technology, the use of double body, the body into the water to play a role in water-cooled;
Wood crusher production of fine;
Loaded a new material, play a sound, heat function.
Summary: wood crusher in production use no vibration, low noise.
wood peeler structures:
The aircraft structure, sub-host (the wood crusher host) and auxiliary (induced draft fan, powder collector, air separator, dust). Induced draft fan centrifugal fan, mainly for the production unit to provide appropriate air volume and pressure, and play a role in dust. Powder collector (also known as centrifugal separator), in line with the crushing demands of the powder particles induced draft fan air flow through the duct cut into the powder collector, rotate the flow of air to carry the powder, the powder particles thrown to the cylinder wall and then through the settlement to the discharge opening, and to enter their own set of powder bags. The precipitator body a box, lower box has a gray door, cabinet to be mounted on a vertical framework. Vertical frame upper body covered with bag, dust dusty gas received from the centrifugal separator. Into the box from the box at the entrance, through the bag discharged to the outside space. As the bag filter dust removal efficiency up to 99%. Therefore, the work environment pollution. When the dust collector filter resistance will rise, then choose to stop, rest time for manual cleaning. Clean the filter bag dust collector, hand bag jitter tens of seconds the surface stick in the bag and shake off the dust down, shake off the dust directly discharged into the dust bag box gray door, coupled with Clear.
Wood crusher purposes:
The wood crusher crushing wood can be used for the binder and wood chips and mix pressed into a composite panels used for sound and thermal insulation, ceiling decoration.
Sawdust: You can do medium to grow mushrooms, you can also do the participation in the pulverizer "Pentu potted plant breeding.
Timber mill for the grinding of the following materials: food, fish meal, seaweed, dehydrated vegetables, hawthorn, spices, jujube, husk, herbs, bark, leaves, wheat bran, ginger, garlic, pumpkin, shrimp, Ma Xuan, shells, rice husk, corn cob, straw, cotton, leather, roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, edible fungi, such as hundreds of difficult characteristics of materials processing, building materials, farming, medicine, chemical mosquito coils, health care, food and other industries ideal wood crusher.