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VIC-F3 Small Family Use Oil Press



This is our new type small family use oil press which can be widely used in pressing peanut, sesame, walnut kernel, sunflower seeds, teaseeds, flaxseeds etc.



  • Small size: at 42cmx20cmx37cm, can put into any flat place at home to work.
  • High efficient: every hour can press peanut at least 10kg, and oil output rate will be over 40%. Sesame can press at least 15KG/H, oil output rate over 45% (the oil output rate will be different according to different materials)
  • Easy operation and long time work: it adopt the latest pressing technology, which is no need the traditional way from frying to pressing to filtering, it just need to press the button then put into materials can finish the whole work, and the machine can work 24 hours continuously.
  • Save power and durable: family use 220v, the electricity consumption only around 0.8 degree/hour. The pressing part all choose standard high manganese carbon steel and through carburize thermal refining so the materials are durable and long usage. The surface chooses high quality food grade stainless steel.


Main data:

Model: VIC-F3 small oil press (especially good for cold press)

Capacity: 10-20kg/h (different according to different materials)

Power: 0.55kw (220v/50Hz)

Heating power: 800w

Oil residue in cake: less than 1%

Size: 420mmx200mmx370mm

Weight: 45KG

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