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YZ-12L cold press




YZ-12L two-shafts low-temperature expeller is a new product, in the pressing cage there are two parallel pressing shafts with contrary rotating direction. The design can get high compression ratio and oil, the oil pass can self-clean. The machine is suitable for both low and high temperature pressing of vegetable oil-bearing crops such as husked rapeseeds, peanut kernel, sunflower seeds kernel, chinaberry seeds kernel, Perilla seeds kernel, etc. It’s rather good to press special oil-bearing crops.



1. Reasonable structure, easy maintenance, sturdy and durable.

2. Self-equipped cooker

3. Automatic continuously working.


Technical data:

Model: YZ-12L cold press

Capacity: 4-6t/d (low temperature pressing)

Residue oil content:4-6.5%(low temperature pressing of tea seeds),6-10%(high temperature pressing)

Power: 18.5+1.1kw

Net weight: 4300kg

Dimension: 3580x1000x2380mm

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