304 Stainless Steel Oil Refinery
304 Stainless Steel Oil Refinery
  • Equipment Features:

    1. Using food grade 304 stainless steel materials, standard equipment required by the country for edible oil, it can apply for SC food safety certification.

    2. Simple design and exquisite appearance improve customer satisfaction.

    3. All operating data is displayed by the instrument, which is easy to operate and safe to run; ordinary staff can work on the machine after short-term training.

    4. It can realize the low-temperature dehydration of oil products, and the decolorized soil is filtered by a leaf filter.

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  • Equipment introduction:

    1.It can realize the four functions of degumming, dephosphorization, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization

    2.Equipment volume we can do: 250L, 300L,500L, 1000L

    3.Heating method: direct electric heating and indirect steam heating (steam generator).

    4.Process type: intermittent

    5.Process method: physical refining and chemical refining mixed process.

    6.Applications: Small-scale edible oil processing plants or private (individual) edible oil processing.

    7.Operating procedures:

    Crude oil--deacidification (alkali refining) --degumming and dephosphorization (washing)--optional (decolorization)--dehydration (vacuum drying) --deodorization (vacuum distillation) --product oil