Crude Oil Refinery Line
Crude Oil Refinery Line
  • Different oil seeds crude oil application:

    Soybean oil, sunflower seeds oil, rape seeds oil, cotton seeds oil, peanut oil, jatropha seeds oil, palm oil, copra oil, rice bran oil, tea seeds oil, linseeds oil, flax seeds oil, moringa seeds oil, sacha inchi seeds oil, etc.


    Main technology feature:

    1.Continuous alkali refining shortens contact time between oil and lye, this will reduce oil saponification state, reduce refining consumption and improve refinery efficiency.

    2.Decolorizer choose technology of combining premixing and steam mixing blenching, which improves bleaching efficiency, save consumption of bleaching clay, and it’s convenient to operate.

    3.Physical refining section choose new type continuous de-acidification and deodorization technology, which is applicable for vegetable oil of high acid value and low resin content.

    4.The whole technology has multiple heat exchange, which make full use of heat energy, reduce steam consumption effectively.


    Capacity we can do: 1T/Day -500T/Day

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  • General flow chart of crude oil refinery plant: