Palm Fruit Oil Process Line
Palm Fruit Oil Process Line
  • Fresh fruit bunches enters fruit yield period after planting for 3 years, after orchardists’ fruit gathering, transport to production plant of crude palm oil, then process according to the following steps:


    1. Weigh. Transport fruits to enter plant, firstly use weight bridge to weigh, convenient for settlement and production cost accounting.

    2. Unload fruits. After go through ramp, screen to remove impurity, then enters sterilizer via conveying equipment.

    3. Sterilization. After FFB enters sterilizer, start high temperature boiling, this stage prepares for later process.

    4. Threshing. FFB is softened during sterilization process, after beating from thresher and screening, separate palm fruit from empty fruit bunches (EFB).

    5. After empty fruit bunches (EFB) are conveyed and hoarded, are conveyed to serve as fertilizer or fuel of orchard or other usages.

    6. Digesting. After threshing, fruits are crushed under the action of stirring and extrusion of digester.

    7. Pressing. Digested palm fruits are sent to double-screw oil press to press oil.

    8.Fiber separation.

    9. Nut and kernel separation. After fiber separation, nuts are divided into kernel and shell by nut crusher.

    10. Oil clarification. After pressing, crude palm oil (CPO) contains certain moisture and impurity, after preliminary cleaning of sand collector and vibration screen, enter vertical oil clarification tank, heating and stirring, then separate clear oil from sludge oil.

    Processing capacity we can do: 500kg/h to 100T/H

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