Analysis Of Expeller Trends
  • With the development of economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, people's mind has changed to "eat with healthy nutrition". Being one kind of the main nutrients of human, people become more sensible when purchasing edible oil. At present, edible oil in the market is divided into leaching oil and pressed oil according to different production technology. Leaching oil commonly known as "salad oil" is made from chemical solvent extraction material refined through a complex process. This kind of oil has lost its nutrients during the refining process, and there is toxic substances residual in the chemical solvent to make people keep distance from the salad oil. Pressed oil depends entirely on purely physical mechanical press without any chemical solvent. The processing method can ensure highest nutrient content and retain their original taste and flavor with the features of "green, natural, nutritive and healthy", and becoming the most commonly used edible oil in people's daily life. The oil press industry has huge market and broad prospect both home and abroad.