1tph Automatic onion peeling machine is packaged for shipping
  • The automatic onion processing plant include:onion peeling machine,root cutting machine and slicing machine.

    1.YB-2 Onion peeling machine is the most advanced onion processing equipment.
    2. It has no speical requirement for onion's size, dry and net, area.
    3. It can peeling, ending cutting, clean directly one time and no demage, widely used in vegetable processing industry.

    Main features
    1. No need classification, size, moisture, area no limited;
    2. Peeling automatically for one time, no demage;
    3. Control peeling thickness freely according to need, automatic adjusting end cutting size according to onion's size, with high rate of finished products;
    4. Long service life, low cost, high efficient;
    5.304 stainless steel machine body and cover, in line with international health standard.
    6. First peeling then end cutting, small peel off, high efficient, more clean, more healthy;
    7. This machine adopts no knife peeling, without too mark for onion;
    8. End cutting adopts is connect with peeling machine together, process onion one time.