How to deal with oil press problems?
  • Customers will encounter some problems in the process of using the oil press, such as the sudden shutdown of the oil press.

    Our VIC Machinery have summarized the possible causes and solutions of this problem, hoping to help you.



    New screw oil press machine is pressed for the first time , the pressing screw is not heated and polished, and a large amount of material is fed into the pressing chamber in a short time.

    Correct operation and running-in, pay attention to the sound and current of the screw oil press machine, slowly feed materials to increase the capacity, and stop the oil expeller in time if there is an abnormality

    The oil cake is too thin and the pressure of the pressing chamber increases

    Reverse the adjusting nut to increase the thickness of the cake

    The oil cake is too dry when running in

    Increase feed moisture

    Pressing the oil material with shell, the shell content is too high or the hard material is mixed into the oil and enters the pressing chamber

    Stop the oil pressers to disassemble the upper pressing cage and loosen the round ring. Pull out the press shaft and clean the press chamber.