Repairing work before putting material into the briquette machine
  • The end of the propeller must be preheating to 350 ℃
    Use DC welders, current top speed to about 150A, and choose special electrodes.
    According to the wear condition of the propeller’s anterior to layering surfacing, must remove welding slag after weld first layer, then weld second. Welding thickness thicker than required thickness about 1-2mm, welded propeller should not have slags, pores etc.
    After surfacing, insert part of the welding part into the dry quicklime or plant ash, insert depth above three leads for cooling.
    Cooling down to 50℃, grind it in green silicon grinding wheel, don't overexert or local overheating, forbid water or other liquids cooling.
    When wilding, use casting ashized tungsten alloy electrodes overlaying(hardness HRA77) (melting point 1600-1700℃),the harder the better, when use this kind of electrodes, use oxygen and acetylene welded can achieve to good results, after grinding, use grinding wheel to rub the new welding metals’ uneven surface as the following picture.
    After grinding, don’t strike or collide, lest damage the welding parts, and other surfaces, should be stored, and prepare to use.