Usage and Maintence of screw oil press
  • How to use:
    The temperature of oil press room should be maintained at 15 degree -20degree, low temperature will affect the oil yield and oil quality. Oil material's water content should be controlled as follows: peanut 8%-11%,soybean 5%-8%,cottonseed 4%-6%, rapeseed 6%-8%.
    Start the machine idle to normal situation, then feed a small quantity of oil material to heat the hopper, meanwhile, observe whether the cake is expelled smoothly or not. If not, it may be due to the undersized space of the cake discharge opening, should adjust the handle clockwise rotation. If the cake is expelled too much too quickly, should adjust hand-wheel counterclockwise rotation until it is working normally. Then slowly increase the feeding amount, take strict precautions against non-uniform feeding, load suddenly surges to cause blocking.
    The working temperature of oil press, if the incoming material is a little dry, consequently, the temperature of machine should be a little higher, otherwise, lower. In general, when the machine temperature reaches 0 degree, the machine surface become hot to touch, you could start working normally.

    Maintenance of screw oil press
    During working, you should always check the cake outlet, if the cake is exhausing unsmoothly or can not be discharged, stop feeding immediately, remove the material in inlet, unsnatch the shaft slowly and remove plug.
    Continuously clean dregs to prevent blocking. The pressed cake could be put into the hopper to press again
    When there is something wrong with the oil press, the screw shaft stuck, you should shut down power immediately, then insert the plug-board tightly, open the nesting output board, and reverse the screw shaft to make it out of the machine.
    Regularly lubricate the equipment with grease and lubricants.