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This series oil filter is mainly used for filtering the crude oil pressed out by screw type oil press. Oil filter can be matched with oil press to clear the oil, also can be used to filter the waste oil, waste water and bio-diesel etc.


Main data:

1. Model 6LB-250 oil filter

Productivity: 50-100kg/h

Power (KW): 0. 55-0.75kw

Weight: 200kg

Size: 840*610*710mm.


2. Model 6LB-350 oil filter

Productivity: 200kg/h

Power (KW): 0. 75-1.1kw

Weight: 500kg

Size: 1340*720*940mm.


3. Model 6LB-450 oil filter

Productivity: 400-450kg/h

Power (KW): 2. 2-3kw

Weight: 1000kg;

Size: 2340*720*710mm.

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