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9HWP mixer




1. This 9HWP system double-shaft mixer can be applied to painting, dry powder, chemical industry etc;

2. This mixer can be used to mixing different kinds of dry meal according to proportion, also used as the associated equipment of the feedstuff making line.

3. This machine is with simple structure, easy maintenance, high mixing degree, short mixing time, low residue etc.


Main data:


Model 9HWP250 9HWP500
Rotating speed(rpm) 33.5 39
Capacity 250kg/batch 500kg/batch
Mixing time(m) 3-5 3-5
Mixing uniformity(cv%) ≤7 ≤7
Matched power 4kw 7.5kw
Crusher power 7.5kw 11kw
Size(mm) 2350x700x1250 2940x920x2100
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