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 - corn peeling machine

corn peeling machine


This machine is combined corn peeling and threshing integrated, multifunction machine, multifunction machine, high effect which can save labor and time, easy Operating, no broken niblet after peeling and threshing.


Advantages of corn peeling machine:
1. the machine adopts the four - axis structure of the large scale peeling machine, the reasonable feed entrance design, with a spade or baskets direct feed.
2 Peeling axes away from the feed inlet, and guard and bracket retaining strict, is not exposed, less dangerous, more secure, and reliable.
3. Using the advanced design of peeling off the net rate, less broken core.
4. Less investment, and the effect, a good helper for farmers to get rich.


Technology data:
Motor power: 3kw
Peeling roller length: 1000mm
Roller diameter: 75mm
Capacity: 8000-10000kg/h
Machine size: 1850*650*500mm
Weight: 150kg 
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