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Decanter Centrifuger


Working principle:

Decanter centrifugal is according to the solid and liquid in the mixing oil by high speed rotating to go different direction: the liquid will go to lower place, while the solid will go to higher place, adopt the different speed between variable diameter drum and variable diameter screw, and make full use of 5000rpm high speed centrifugal to force the solid into dynamic state, so can separate quickly to higher place by screw blade and straight rotor drum’ reducing to realize one end have oil out, and the other end slag out.


  • Continuous working, no filter cloth and filter sieve, so never need to change filtering medium while working.
  • High efficiency, every hour can process around 1Ton rapeseeds crude oil.
  • Easy operation, oil and slag automatically being separated so no need labor working.
  • The final oil are clear and pure, oil slag are formed and dried.

Main data:

Model: DC-150 decanter centrifugal

Processing capacity: 380kg/h

Drum appearance: conical column

Drum diameter x length: 150mmx550mm

Rated flow: 2m3/h

Inlet-outlet dia: 800mm

Drum max speed: 4180 rpm

Separation factor: 1465

Drum draw ratio: 3.7L/D

Cleanness: 4 NAS

Power: 3kw

Size: 990x1082x998mm

Weight: 260kg

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