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 - Edible oil refinery process

Edible oil refinery process


Edible oil refinery workshop:
1).Degumming, alkali refining deacidification, water washing and drying.
Through adding hot water and food grade phosphoric acid to remove hydratable phospholipids and nonhydratable phospholipids.Then add caustic soda to neutralize free fatty acid to decrease acid value.

2).Decolorization. Add active bleaching clay, and remove pigment from oil through adsorption of active bleaching clay.

3).Deacidification and remove free fatty acid from oil to decrease acid value.  
Use deacidification pot for batch deacidification and deacidification tower for continuous deacidification.

4).Deodorization. Remove odor from oil. Deodorization pot is used for batch oil deodorization, and deodorization tower is used for continuous deodorization.

5).Dewaxing. Through cooling crystallization to separate wax, then use filter to remove wax.

Processing capacity: 1T/D -500T/D
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