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JB vertical mixer




This feedstuff machine is combined by grinding and mixer.

Crushing part: Feeding automatically or manually. When the material is sucked or conveyed to the crushing space, the material will be quickly crushed into powder or pellet with the continuously beat by the rolling pieces and gathering, bumping and beating of the crushing room, then it will enter into the A leaf box by the role of centrifuge air.

Mixing part: When the pushing devices rotate, the material and B leaf chamber will forced feeding, when it was stepped up by rotating to the top of the box, it will form a mixing process of the materials were moved to the uniformity of dispersed atomized inside mixing of the materials up and down movements and the right rotation broadcast. The effect is ideal and very satisfactory.


Main data:


Model JB-500 JB-750 JB-1000 JB-1500
Motor for crusher 7.5 7.5 7.5 11
Voltage 380v 50hz 3
380v 50hz 3
380v 50hz single
Capacity 500kg/batch 750kg/batch 1000kg/batch 1500kg/batch
weight 200kg 300kg 500kg 700kg
Dimension Diameter 1.05m
height 2.5m
Diameter 1.08m
height 2.5m
Diameter 1.25
Hight 2.8
Diameter 1.25
Hight 3m
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