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Oil Cake Solvent Extraction Process


Solvent extraction process:
It includes oil extraction, wet meal toasting, miscella evaporation, solvent recovery, exhaust gas recovery with paraffin and other processes.

1).Extraction section. Convey soybean flakes with scraper conveyor to extractor, make them contact with organic solvent fully through soak and spray to get miscella, miscella into miscella tank for removing solvent, and wet meal out of the bottom of extractor to desolventizer-toaster for solvent removal.
Rotocel extractor is typical extractor to extract oil with solvent.
2).Toasting section. Use DTDC to separate solvent out from wet meal to get dry meal without solvent for animal feeds, and solvent can be recycled through condensation.
DTDC de-solventizer-toaster is used in this section.

3).Evaporation and steam-stripping section. Because of different boiling point, remove solvent from miscella to get crude soybean oil with No.1 long tube evaporator, No.2 long tube evaporator and steam-stripping column.

4).Condensation. Solvent from meal toasting and evaporation and steam-stripping of miscella can be recycled through condensation.

5). Exhaust gas recovery section. Use water-bath type absorption tower to absorb and condense solvent gas in exhaust gas then recycle it.

Processing capacity: 10T/D -500T/D

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