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Oil refinery



Flow chart:

Crude oil-Neutralize/degumming-Decolorize-Deodorize-crystal- Edible oil.



1) Neutralizer     It’s used for ridding off acid, degumming.

2) Decolorizer    It’s used for ridding off/reducing the color of the oil.

3) Deodorizer     It’s used for ridding off odor of the oil.

4) Transfer oil furance     It’s used to supply for the heats required to the line, it could make the temperature up to 280 degrees.

5) Air pressure     Blow to dry the Clay for decoloring.

6) Oil filter     Clear the oil decolorized.

7) Crystal     Used for palm oil cooling&crystalling to separate the stearin and liquid oil.

We can make &design complete oil refinery processing capacity from 1T/D to 100T/D from different kinds of crude oil.

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