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Work principle:

The pellet boiler is combined by Storage compartment, burning zone, burned room, hearth box, spiral convection heating surface. It is used the low-temperature anoxycausis, prevent the sulphide and nitric oxide happen. The generated coal gas and red carbon, oxygen-enriched combustion, to achieve the plenty burning inside the high temperature chamber, eliminate the smoke and unborn flying ash, small amount of flying ash is recycled by the dust catcher, avoided the flying ash pollute the environment, the clinker discharge amount is the 3-5% of the total burning capacity.

The smoke gas will be entering into the draught fan, dust catcher, chamber to outside. The boiler can thrifty with the fuel 40% -50% than the traditional boiler.



(1) Advanced technology: Use the Germany latest gasify burning technology, set the advanced gasify rotate burning room, omnibearing multilevel air distribution, fuel burning plenty;

(2) Auto regulation: Man-machine conversation digital integrated controller, according to user settings, control burning and heating working condition;

(3) Energy saving: pellets burning plenarily, exhaust gas temperature is low, pellet boiler thermal efficiency high, can save the fuel more than 1/3.

(4) Environmental protection: boiler is used the pellets as the raw fuel, CO2 is get to emissions concentration is less than 50mg/m3 , smoke blacken is less than Ringelmann I, All indexes can get to the A glass regions environmental protection standards.

(5) Easy to operation: High capacity storage silo, can realize boiler fire automatically, automatic feeding material, automatic clear ash functions.

(6) Original appearance: The appearance is used the European style, elegant appearance;

(7) Safety and stability: Several safety interlock, operate smooth and reliable.

(8) Everytime it can operate 1-3 days.


Main data:


Item CLHS-0.015 CLHS-0.028 CLHS-0.042
Rated heat (104 kacl) 1.5 2.5 3.5
Working pressure (Mpa) Normal atmosphere    
Thermal efficiency (%) 89%
Power consumption Supply wind system(KW) 0.25 0.35 0.55
firing sytem( W) 1800 1800 1800
Floss hole (mm)
weight(kg) 194 251 295
Packed size (mm) 1000×550×1180 1070×570×1260 1250×660×1360
Fuel consumption(kg/h) 2.65 5.61 8.25
Hopper(kg) 120 120 120
Supply heating area(㎡) 80-120 120-220 220-320
Output water capacity (t/h) 0.3 0.62 0.8
Store water(㎡) 0.15 0.21 0.33
Continue work time (h) 40 22 15
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