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The raw materials can be wheat, soybean, cake and other leftovers etc, the final products floating pellets are widely used in frogs, aquatic, ornamental fish, pet feed, fish farmers, small feed mill.



1. The cutting structure is very advanced with cutter shaft fixed spring to cut to realize infinitely speed change; the final output product can be cut freely in different length according to requirement.

2. Novel design, unique, simple structure, easy to install and operate.

3. The Screw is made of special wear-resisting No38 chromium aluminum molybdenum after tempering, heating and formed, its with wear-resisting and long life.

4. In order to ensure quality and capacity, there is special pressurization die device. And the electric heating device improves the feed expansion rate.

5. The main bearing is from Japanese and Sweden SKF bearing to ensure its safety. The main motor is Y-Series three phrase motor.6. The floating pellets will float on the water for about 12hours without spreading. The pellets no pollution and easy for working members to observe. The materials is health and easy for fish and poultry to absorb. Usually if use floating pellet feed can save 8-15% feed than to use powder feed.


Main data:


1. Model: PHJ-52 extruder



Final product size: 1.2-6mm

Screw dia: 52mm


2. Model: PHJ-65 extruder

Capacity: 80-100kg/h


Final product size:1.2-6mm

Screw dia:65mm


3. Model: PHJ-75 extruder

Capacity: 140-160kg/h


Final product size:1.2-10mm

Screw dia: 75mm


4. Model: PHJ-95 extruder

Capacity: 260-300kg/h


Final product size:1.2-10mm

Screw dia: 95mm


5. Model: PHJ-120 extruder

Capacity: 450-500kg/h


Final product size:1.2-12mm

Screw dia: 120mm

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